Where Am I?

I lay stomach down in a sleeping bag at a retreat center in my town as I type away on my iPhone 5. I hear the air conditioner rumbling, bunk mates snoring, and plumping rattling. The retreatants will arrive tomorrow. At this time I should be asleep, but thoughts race through my head. It is almost as if I stand in the middle of a highway while cars whizz by.

My prayer is the same that it has been for months: “Reveal yourself to me.”

I’ve lost contact. I’ve forgotten to touch base. I never call.

My prayer life is dry. Is it because I am in the midst of a spiritual desert? Or is it because I don’t put enough into it?

Is there some magic prayer that will fix all my problems and patch up my relationship with my Creator?


I am dry.

I am empty.

I am restless.

I am here…

But he is here with me.

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One thought on “Where Am I?

  1. Leonora

    Be patient. He is with you always…just listen. You will receive an answer. I go through the same thing…and so I answer you…You are not alone. Keep vigil…He is always here.Prayers <3

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